S2 Technologies, Inc. is focused on helping companies verify their embedded software earlier in the development process. Our solution, called Verification-as-Services (VaS), is a combination of consulting services and patented testing technology. VaS engagements are designed to scale and adapt to meet the uniqueness of your environment and testing needs.

We specialize in assessing how to effectively introduce more comprehensive testing as part of the standard workflow.  Our involvement adapts to your specific needs: from providing on-site testing experts to augment a team's resources, to generating targeted process analysis and workflow recommendations, and anywhere in between. 

S2 has been providing the right balance of services and technology in a variety of customer applications. For example: 
  • Radio Interface team experiencing deeper code coverage through standardized testing
  • Telephony group achieving phase containment with component and integration testing
  • Multimedia technology team identifying critical defects with earlier and automated API testing
  • TV Chip project reducing time required for testing by building in testability

The VaS business model eliminates a large up-front investment; you pay a monthly fee that covers access to our testing experts and technology. 

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Optimizing Software Delivery from Chipset to OEM to Carrier: Verification Strategies for the Handset Supply Chain

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Verification-as-Services: A New Framework for Optimizing Software Integration

This white paper outlines a solution to many of the challenges of software integration and verification. Several case studies are presented showing how organizations can eliminate manual testing, automate integration, efficiently support multiple product releases, optimize software reuse, and effectively manage software suppliers.